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The “Centro di Documentazione del Manifesto Pacifista Internazionale-CDMPI”, founded in Bologna (1993), has been collecting posters since its first exhibition in 1985. Today, the posters are more than 7000, one of the biggest collection of pacifist posters in the world (The Oxford International Encyclopedia of Peace, 2010).

From 1985 until now, the posters were diplayed in over 250 exhibitions organized by political, cultural, social, religious groups, local authorities and universities in different parts of Italy, in Switzerland and Germany. From 2002 CDMPI is member of the International Network of Museums for Peace-INMP.

The CDMPI has arranged the following thematic and itinerant posters exhibitions:

2000, being Bologna one of the nine European “Cities of Culture” (“Communication”   was its main theme), the exhibition “50 years of peace in Europe:1950-2000” (100 posters, reducible number according to availability of space). In the exhibition’s catalogue (bilingual English-Italian, 110 pages, 10,33 euro), one finds, among other things, some essays on the subject and a detailed chronology of peace events in Europe. Two series of post cards are also available.

2003, the exhibition “The seed of Non-violence” (50 posters)

2004: “Literature and Peace” (37 posters)

2006: “For peace: Archives, Houses, Studies and Documentation Centers, Laboratories, Museums, Schools and Universities” (50 posters)

2006: “Nuclear weapons and atomic disarmament” (50 posters)

2007: “Ecology – Peace – Environment” (57 posters)

2008: “Religions for Peace” (56 posters)

2008: “All Human Rights for everybody” (12 posters)

2009: “Women for Peace” (about 50-60 posters)

2011: “Defend oneself without arms - Without arms and nonviolent civil defence ” (54 posters)

2012: “Makers of Nonviolence” (60 posters)

2013: “To demonstrate Peace - 33 years of catholic posters 1980-2013” (52 posters)

2015: “Posters tell….of the many ways to get rid of war” (34 posters), book – catalogue (200 pp, 66 images, € 20,00)

2017: “Immigration” (30 posters)

The following exhibitions are also available:

“Resistance – Constitution – Peace” (42 posters)

“Conscious objection to military service” and “Conscious objection to military expenses for the popular, non-violent defence”.

Three expositions on anti-personnel mines (respectively 8 – 12 – 30 posters).

Two expositions of COSPE association on the migration from the Third World (6 posters) and on the theme of interdependence and solidarity North-South (20 posters).

Posters of the following CDMPI Archives are also available.

On the website 984 are visible.

The exhibitions can be displayed in various social and cultural contexts. Only a contribution toward expenses is requested.

If you would like to receive further information, please contact        Vittorio Pallotti, Via Capramozza 4, 40123 Bologna (Italy)                    phone: 0039-051-584513 / e-mail: